Inspiration from the desert

The desert, and particularly the rocky Negev that she drew and painted from several locations, including Eilat, was the object of Nettie's fascination and inspiration. To her, it was the ideal location for reflection.

As the place of origin of Judaism it features as the background in several portrait paintings of Jewish visionary individuals, such as Moses and Spinoza.
But it also constitutes the meaningful setting of portraits of resistance fighter Jan Bool, her boyfriend who died in the war; of her husband Huub Steijns; and of self-portraits.
Much more often, however, the desert was her main theme.

"A wealth of black-and-white drawings, watercolours and paintings have resulted from her battle to portray the essence of the desert on paper and on canvas – its dryness, desolation and ruthlessness as opposed to the multitude of colours of the bare, rocky mountains, the valleys and the wadis. A lonely tree gives away a water source beneath the surface", her good friend Otto Treumann wrote.

The gallery opposite gives an idea of Nettie Bromberg's contribution to the Van Gogh exhibition in Tel Aviv.

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