Israeli Landscapes

Nettie Bromberg first visited Israel in 1961, together with her husband Huub Steijns. It would become one of her favourite subjects. Her tight bond with the country has been described many times.

She felt liberated: in Israel she did not stand out because of her appearance, schrijft Jan van Lieshout. Her good friend Otto Treumann refers to her wartime experiences when posing the question why she turned away from the idyllic Limburg scenery, only to surrender to the brutal landscape of the Negev. His reply: In Israel she found understanding and consolation, while the fate of six million murdered Jews in 'civilised Europe' must have caused her to be bitter.

But the Israeli landscape in Nettie Bromberg's countless drawings, watercolours and paintings of the desert and the hills around Jerusalem is more than that. It was here that she experienced the Unity and Eternity of the Creation, writes Treumann. That was an important element in her attitude towards life, much inspired by the philosophy of Spinoza and his follower Constantin Brunner, Nettie Bromberg's younger brother Paul memorised.

Nettie Bromberg died on 17 June 1990 in Israel. Prior to her death she had decided that her work should reside there too.

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