Nettie Bromberg lived and worked in Eijsden, Limburg, and explored the Israeli deserts on her travels and in her art.
She decided that her work should go to Israel after her death.
Shortly before it went on transport, the Nettie Steijns-Bromberg Foundation, who manages her work, had the entire oeuvre photographed and on 8 May 1991 opened an exhibition at the Eijsden Council Hall.
'Uit Eijsdens Verleden' dedicated a booklet to this event containing contributions about her life and work, written by family members and other people close to her. Her friends Appie Drielsma and Otto Treumann put some of their personal memories to paper. The contributions in that booklet form the basis of this website.
The menu opposite will take you to the written accounts shared by her friends. Scroll down for virtual galleries of her work. Below are some pictures of locations where a large part of Nettie's life took place.


House on 9, Grijzegraaf, Mesch.
The house was a café when Huub's parents bought it. After the passing of the Steijns parents, the house was left to Huub's brother, who let it for many years.
In 1959 heeft Nettie dit huis gekocht, toen het vrij kon worden opgeleverd. Zij heeft het verbouwd en ingericht tot een aantal appartementen voor verhuur aan toeristen, met een atelier voor haarzelf op zolder. Huub deed de verhuur en had een kantoortje direct links naast de achteringang.
Nettie bought the house in 1959, as soon as it was free of encumbrances. She renovated and converted it to rental apartments for tourists, and turned the attic into a workshop for herself. Huub managed the rentals from an office located to the immediate left of the back entrance.
In 1961 Huub and Nettie moved into the house themselves and sold the house in the Stationsstraat. Many of the friends and family who contributed to the booklet were frequent guests at the house.
In 1991 the house was bought by the Bader-Algra family, who renovated and converted the house into the B&B 'Badger's Lodge'. They have a few of Nettie's works on display.


Nettie's workshop at the house in Mesch

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