Portrait Drawings

In Nettie Bromberg's total oeuvre, the portraits stand out particularly alongside the desert landscapes. One of the first works that earned her recognition was a portrait.

Nettie Bromberg is known as an autodidact. She didn't take any formal art studies, but she did receive drawing and painting lessons. She started taking drawing lessons from Paul Citroen when she was very young. At the age of twelve she amazed with a pastel drawing of her two-year-old brother. When she was sixteen years old, Paul Citroen stated that she should take her further development into her own hands: What I can do, she can do.

Although she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become an architect, she continued taking drawing and painting lessons later on. This series also contains a portrait drawing of Mou van Dantzig, who taught her painting techniques.

For her portraits Nettie Bromberg either worked from photos or from the image she had of the portrayed figure, and she would immerse herself in their personas. Like her paintings, her portrait drawings include people from her direct circle as well as 'great names', such as David Ben Gurion (also in this series).

Paul Bromberg notes: She was deeply moved by all the sorrow in de world and expressed this in a poignant way. Very much aware of her Jewishness, she often chose Jewish figures as the subject of her work.

Appie Drielsma, teacher at the Katholieke Leergangen in Tilburg and the Stadsacademie in Maastricht, recognises Nettie's first tutor Paul Citroen in the emotional approach in her portraits: The people she draws have been marked by life. The portraits speak for themselves.

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