Portrait Paintings

Nettie Bromberg left hundreds of portraits at her death. This series contains one of the first works that earned her recognition: her first portrait of Einstein, which was pronounced 'Painting of the Week' by the Stedelijk Museum in 1947.

Nettie Bromberg portrayed many people who fascinated her, either based on photos or on the image she had of the them. For Einstein's portrait she ploughed through all of his work, wrote Jan van Lieshout. All these people were placed against meaningful backgrounds. Constantin Brunner (1862-1937) for instance, the philosopher she much admired, is portrayed with Spinoza (1632-1677) in the background, the great inspirer for his theory.
Both focused on the Unity of everything in the Creation; in many of her paintings Nettie added the Hebrew word Ehad (One), or (parts from) the Shema Yisrael. The book of the boy portrayed here has the words 'Hear Israel, Your God/ All is One' painted on it. Like Moses, he is painted against a desert landscape

Not all of the famous figures were painted from photographs. As a board member of the Brunner Institute Nettie Bromberg got to meet Yehudi Menuhin. This series also contains a few children's portraits, of her cousin, for instance.

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